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Lewis H Arnold

Margaret E Arnold

Vera Arnold

Marie Arnold

Samuel Arnold

Samuel L.

Sidney Arnold

Louisa Arnold

William G Arnold

Mary Jane Thompson

W H Thompson

Ansalom F Arnold

Peter F Arnold

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Near red brick Eberts Monument with flat white top.

Lewis H Arnold born Oct 11 1833 died Aug 11 1891

Margaret E his wife born Dec 8 1835 died Oct 5 1895

Vera died 1975

Marie died

Samuel Arnold born May 11 1805 died Nov 6 1881

Samuel L son of L H and Margaret Arnold born June 24 1866 died June 20 1874

Arnold Wm G

Arnold Louisa his wife



Peter F Arnold born Oct 11 1840 died Apr 17 1884

Ansalom F Arnold born Feb 16 1836 died Apr 18 1857

Mary Jane wife of W H Thompson born Feb 23 1832 died Nov 29 1856

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