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G Buckel

George Buckel

Susan Buckel

Charley Smith

Adda Maggs

Thomas C Maggs

Jennie Maggs

Adella Ray Smith

Alta Smith

George Smith

Maria Buckel

Addie Tristem

E W Tristem

Bessie Fournier

G Fournier

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Start at the huge red granite spire stone marked "Williams". Walk a few plots toward the creek and you will see this stone.

Adda only daughter of Thomas C and Jennie Maggs died Sept 10 1885 aged 11 months and 12 days

Adella Ray daughter of George and Alta Smith died Aug 18 1891 aged 4 months and 25 days

Susan wife of G Buckel died Nov 22 1865 aged 60 years

Charley Smith died May 1 1875 aged 31 years

Addie wife of E W Tristem died Jan 31 1882 aged 23 years

Bessie wife of G Fournier died May 1 1883 aged 32 years

George Buckel died Aug 1 1887 aged 71 years and 4 months

Maria wife of George Buckel died at Lawrence Mass Aug 7 1897 aged 69 years

Our Darling
Not sure if this little girl is an angel or not but she is certainly beautiful. She may belong on the stone beside her. However, we think that she is much safer where she sits in the days of mechanical lawn mowers, etc.

Mother........ On side ....... Grandma


Father ....... On side of stone ..... Grandpa

Add ...... Probably for Addie

Char ...... Probably Charley

Adella Ray



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