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Charles H Eberts

Benjamin F Eberts

Claude K Eberts

William C Eberts

Alexander L Eberts

Mary Eberts

Mary Clegg

Josephine Eberts

Josephine Day

Richard Eberts

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location Near red brick Eberts Monument

View of two well known Eberts plots in the cemetery. Note the restored Eberts monument behind.

Charles H Eberts born August 19 1829 died April 7 1888

Claude K Eberts born March 19 1876 died May 6 1912

Benjamin F Eberts July 30 1871 - 1908

Wm C Eberts born Jan 17 1864 - Feb 2 1904

Alexander L Eberts Dec 11 1859 - Oct 25 1922

Mary Clegg Eberts July 13 1840 - May 16 1927

Richard Eberts 1799 - 1863

Josephine Eberts Day 1868 - Dec 4 1957



Alex (This stone not found in the survey by OGS 30 years ago.)

Josephine Eberts Day born sept 27 1868 - Dec 4 1957

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