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William Duncan Eberts

Mary Bell Eberts

Duncan W Eberts M.D.

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Right next to creek near three red brick monuments of the King family with white slab on top.

William Duncan Eberts born July 17 1811 died April 16 1892

Mary Bell Eberts born August 10 1819 died Oct 21 1899

Duncan W Eberts M D 1856 - 1898

Receipt for the top of the burial crypt top seen above. Also note the photograph.
You will see samples of the different types of monuments available at the time. Also, note one lady sitting on the Left, and 5 men in the photograph.
Note the very heavy pole in the background on the right. This MAY be a very basic "Crane" made for lifting monuments onto a stone boat to be carried to the cemetery for re-erection there.

Note the receipt date 1899! This could suggest that two people were buried elsewhere first and then moved here later. However, these crypts were generally built ahead of time and were opened at the time of each burial and the new remains and casket were added onto another set of cross bars higher up. This receipt may be simply the work needed to carve the text for the last name. Possibly even to re-open the crypt for her burial and seal it again?

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