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James Gemmell

James H Gemmell

Marion Gemmell

Mary Gemmell

Thos Gemmell

Some text from one stone here was not available for previous transcriptions

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Look for the huge stone along the road with the statue on the top. Moore. From there walk straight back to the creek. Look just to your left to see these stones.

James H
June 16 1918
Aged 93 years

James Gemmill died June 10 1905 aged 44 years

Marion wife of James Gemmell died April 30 1910 aged 75 years

Mary Gemmell died Feb 23 1923 aged 54 years

Thos Gemmell native of Kilmarnock Ayrshire Scotland who died Oct 17 1858 aged 30 years. Erected by his wife.

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