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William Irwin

Mary Jane Irwin

Frederick Irwin

W R Irwin

Thomas Leslie Irwin

Elizabeth Irwin

John D Irwin

Hilda Tune

Hilda Irwin

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Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Near 180 degree turn in road in Old St Anthony's

Mary Jane wife of William Irvwin died Sept 7 1918 aged 88 years 12 days

William Irwin died April 21 1895 aged 69 years and 7 months

John D Irwin died Aug 28 1890 aged 30 years and 1 month.

W R Irwin 1862 - 1943

Thomas Leslie Irwin 1893 - 1968

Elizabeth wife of W R Irwin 1873 1941

Hilda (Tune) wife of Thomas L 1892 - 1980


John D

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