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Arthur Jones

Catharine Jones

Benjamin Jones

Arthur Jones

Bathia Jones

W G Coupland

Gilbert Jones

Benjamin H Jones

Catharine Jones

Arthur Jones

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Look for large red granite stone on edge of road marked Peel on one side and Craig on the other. From there walk directly to the creek until you spot this stone. Also, right beside a HUGE light gray spire stone.

Arthur died May 30 1869 aged 15 months

Catharine died May 27 1871 aged 18 months

Benjamin died June 9 1871 aged 5 years and 7 months

Children of Arthur and Bathia Jones.

W G Coupland died July 20 1880 aged 36 years

Gilbert Jones third son of Benjamin and Catharine Jones born Dec 1 1834. Died in Calcutta India May 8 1861.

Arthur fourth son of Benjamin H and Catharine Jones born Sept 22 1836 died Jan 28 1872

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