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Alice M Croucher

Alice M Moon

Millie Grace Moon

Charles R Moon

George T Moon

Richard H Moon

Lila McIntyre

Lila Moon

Hope J Moon

Sally Edds

Sally Moon

Jean I Moon

Jean I Crone

Thomas Bell Crone

Ronald F Moon

Marie Moon

Charles R Moon

Terry S Moon

Stella V Viau

Stella V Moon

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Natives of Milton Regis Kent England

Alice M Croucher Wife of Chas Moon 1881 - 1957

Millie Grace Moon 1905 - 1906

Charles R Moon born 1882 died 1962

Richard H Moon born 1942 died 1965

Lila G McIntyre wife of Hope J Moon 1919 - 2008

Hope J Moon Born 1916 Died 1994

Sally N Edds Wife of George T Moon 1908 - 1978

George T Moon Born 1907 Died 1971

Jean I Moon Wife of Thomas B Crone 1914 - 2004

Thomas Bell Crone Born 1905 - 1990

Ronald F Moon June 27 1931 April 17 2006

Marie Moon 1925 - 2006

Charles R Moon July 22 1919 - June 9 2001

Terry S Moon Born 1910 Died 1991

Stella V Viau Wife of Terry S Moon 1910 - 2000

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