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Francis Moore

Martha Moore

Baby Cochrane

Thomas Cochrane

Eunice Cochrane

Eunice Wickwire

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Look for the huge stone beside the road with the large statue on top.

Francis Moore born Dec 1825 native of Co of Leitrim Ireland died Mar 4 1911 aged 85 years.

Martha wife of Francis Moore born Feb 28 1843 died Apr 7 1906 aged 63 years 1 month and 7 days

Rather comical today knowing this stone gets the same treatment as any others in the cemetery.

Also interred here

Baby Cochrane
father: Thomas
gparents: John & Ellen
mother: Wickwire, Eunice
gparents Samuel Wickwire & Eleanor McNeil
born & Died 30 July 1899

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