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Betty Peel

Betty Jane Peel

Betty Goldsmith

Robert Goldsmith

Richard Lowe

Jane E Snell

Jane E Lowe

John Hoon

Jane Hoon

John H Snell

Annie Marie Snell

Selina Snell


Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Locate the gray ground level burial crypt in Ward B in area with many stones. Walk directly toward the creek. a fair distance.

Betty Peel wife of Robert Goldsmith

Lowe Richard 1870 - 1945

His wife Jane E Snell Lowe 1869 - 1956

Betty Jane Goldsmith 1926 - 1950

Hoon - Snell

John Hoon 1798 - 1871

Jane Hoon 1800 - 1877

John H Snell 1841 - 1925

Annie Marie Snell - 1844 - 1922

Selina A Snell - 1873 - 1876

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