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James Warren Rutherford, M.B. M.P.

Jessie Rutherford

Jessie Taylor

Crypt Number - 24

M.B., M.P.
AUG. 22. 1875
FEB. 27. 1939

Crypt Number 23

AUG. 26. 1877
SEPT. 29. 1958

We Caution that the following information comes from Wikipedia and may or may not be reliable!
James Warren Rutherford (22 August 1875 27 February 1939) was a Liberal party member of the Canadian House of Commons. He was born in McKay's Corners, Ontario in Kent County, becoming a physician and surgeon.

Rutherford attended Chatham Collegiate Institute, the University of Toronto then University College London for postgraduate studies.

He was first elected to Parliament at the Kent riding in the 1926 general election after an unsuccessful campaign there in 1925. Rutherford was re-elected in 1930 and 1935. During the 1935 campaign, Rutherford sustained a fracture in the neck area after his car overturned near Ridgetown, Ontario. His vehicle travelled on loose gravel which led his vehicle into a ditch. Rutherford was unable to continue his medical practice after this, although his injuries healed to a partial extent.

On 27 February 1939, Rutherford died before completing his term in the 18th Canadian Parliament, survived by his wife, a son and daughter.

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