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Elizabeth Smith

David B Smith

David Smith

Sarah M Smith

Irving Anson Smith

Sarah M Wood

Frances Lucy Smith

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - In Ward B near the bank of the creek, in line with the gray in ground crypt marked Gordon.

David B Smith Esq died at Riverside Raleigh Kent County March 12 1869 aged 66 years 10 months and 28 days

Elizabeth wife of David B Smith Esr born in Gainsboro Township Coy of Lincolin May 1 1804 died at Riverside township of Raleigh County of Kent May 3 1877




Irving Anson second son of David and Sarah M Smith who died April 27 1875 aged 8 years 6 months and 25 days

Elizabeth A Smith born Dec 23 1836 died Apr 9 1912

Frances Lucy Smith 1861 - 1946

David Smith born Sept 25 1832 died June 6 1910

Sarah M Wood wife of David Smith born Jan 24 1836 died June 12 1917


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