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Joseph Tissiman

Joseph S Tissiman

Edith Tissiman

John T Tissiman

Mary Ann Tissiman

Sarah E Tissiman

William Tissiman

Fanny S Tissiman

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Ward B not far from the brick building. Beside the road.

Joseph Tissiman died July 10 1846 aged 36 years

Edith Tissiman died June 13 1865 aged 46 years

William Tissiman died Sept 10 1841 aged 2 weeks

Fanny T Tissiman died Jan 15 1916 aged 78 years 4 months

Joseph S Tissiman died Aug 25 1832 aged 10 months

Sarah E Tissiman died Oct 15 1837 aged 5 years

John T Tissiman died Sept 1 1897 aged 63 years

Mary Ann Tissiman died Jund 2 1915 aged 79 years

Fanny T

Mary A

_____er Possibly Mother as such a stone was lasted in previous transcriptions

Unknown Marker

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