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John Waddell

Nancy A Eberts

Nancy A Wadell

William Waddell

Hamilton Waddell

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location A short distance from red brick Eberts Monument with flat white top.

Nancy A Eberts Widow of the late John Waddell born at Chatham Oct 27 1820 died Dec 31 1900

William eldest son of John and Nancy A Waddell who died Mar 12 1888 aged 43 years and 4 months

Henry son of J and N A Waddell died Apr 26 1848 age 8 months

Hamilton son of J and N A Waddell died Aug 11 1851

Highly damaged now. Seems to be "Hamilton"

It seems, stone 246, that John Waddell (born Scotland) married Nancy A. Eberts (1820 - 1900) (born Chatham, Ontario) and their children included:

William Waddell abt1843 - 1888
Isabella Waddell abt1844 -
mar a Mr. Rogers
Henry Waters Waddell 1 Jan. 1859 - 5 June 1933 [married Agnes Wilson]
Their children included:
Henry Rex Waddell born 4 Jul 1890
and likely
Stewart Eberts Waddell (middle name after Henry's mother's maiden name)
Nancy Waddell

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