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John Wilson

David Wilson

Susan McGarvin

Susan Wilson

Anna Marion Wilson

David Wilson (2)

Minnie Wilson O'Loane

W George Hudson

H G and Olive O'Loane

Michael J Wilson

Addie E Wilson

James McL Rogers

Mildred Wilson

John McGarvin

I Field

Lot #

Location - Near 180 degree turn in road in St A's Cemetery.

John died June 12 1874 aged 27 years

David Wilson born Dec 11 1819 died Feb 19 1893 Native of Ireland

Susan McGarvin wife of David Wilson June 10 1832 - Oct 25 1914

Anna Marion died Jan 23 1880 aged 6 years

James McL Rogers Dec 1 1871 March 1 1938

His wife Mildred Wilson 1898 wife of John McGarvin

W George Hudson son of H J and Olive O'Loane died May 10 1897 aged 10 months

Michael J Wilson Feb 24 1861 - Nov 23 1938

Addie E his wife Oct 3 1868 - Dec 10 - 1945

Infant children of M J and Addie Wilson

David Wilson 1852 - 1942

His wife Minnie O'Loane 1863 - 1940


Anna Marion

I. Field. - Stone now lost.




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