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Photo: Trish NighThe slab top will lie on some
2 x 4's to keep it up off the ground.
Making it easier to lift and put back
in place once the crypt is rebuilt.
Photo: Trish NighAntonio DaCosta brought in some
reclaimed bricks to rebuild the
walls of the crypt.
Crypt is now ready for work to begin
Photo: Trish NighEberts Crypt full exposed (cp)
Photo: Trish NighThe rebuilding has begun
Antonia DaCosta & his
son Paul, are kept busy
Photo: Trish NighFirst section of the
crypt is almost complete
Photo: Trish NighBuilding up the outside
walls of the crypt
Photo: Trish NighOutside walls are
almost completed
Inside supports are
still to be bricked in.
Photo: Trish NighInside support walls are
in place along with the
outside brick work being
fully parged (cp)
Photo: Trish NighThe Eberts Crypt
is now ready for
the top to be set
back into position
Photo: Trish NighAntonio & Paul
rebuilding the
Eberts crypt
Photo: Trish NighMajor brick work being
done on the Eberts crypt
Photo: Trish NighDennis & Bert from
Smyth Memorials are
ready to replace the
top on the crypt
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