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Last additions - Restoration / Preservation of the Eberts Crypt
Photo: Trish NighEBERTS Crypt
**the end wall has fallen out
of place, exposing some of
the interior brick work
**trenching is now done
**waiting now for removal of top
Sep 15, 2010
Photo: Trish NighEBERTS Crypt
**bottom end of crypt
is now in jeopardy of
letting the slab top tip
**partially trenched
Sep 15, 2010
Photo: Trish NighEBERTS Crypt
**as you can see the end
wall of the crypt is separating
and falling out of place.
Sep 15, 2010
Photo: Trish NighEBERTS Crypt
** shows the deteriorating wall
of the crypt
**Paul has started digging the trench
Sep 15, 2010
Photo: Trish NighEBERTS Crypt
**crypt in urgent need of repairs
*Paul Thorpe is discussing the
process of getting the crypt ready
for repairs
**June 5/2010
Sep 15, 2010
Photo by T Nigh.Backfilling the Edges of the Eberts MonumentJul 06, 2010
Photo by T Nigh.The Eberts Monument is Finished. Celebrating a successful conclusion.Jul 06, 2010
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