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Cemeteries of Chatham-Kent gallery - Images of the cemeteries of Chatham-Kent Ontario

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Baby Jerry Lacina Photo by John SkakelJul 07, 2010
Forgotten Little Angel. - Children's GravePhoto by J SkakelJul 07, 2010
The Absolutely Beautiful Goodyear Angel.Photo by John Skakel

Note work of vandals in vicinity
Jul 07, 2010
Photo: Courtesy of Mary (Moon) ManningerOld Caretaker's House
** torn down about 1995 ~ 1996
**house sat at the end of the road
called Maple Leaf Drive, on the bend
**last caretaker to live here was
George Manninger and his wife
Mary (Moon) Manninger & their children
Jul 06, 2010
The Old MausoleumJul 06, 2010
Photo by T Nigh.Backfilling the Edges of the Eberts MonumentJul 06, 2010
Photo by T Nigh.The Eberts Monument is Finished. Celebrating a successful conclusion.Jul 06, 2010
The King MonumentsMonuments to the Founder of the Buxton Settlement.
King, Rev Wm 1895
Jemima Nicholina His wife. 1887
Alice Janet Ann M (Kane) his niece 1891
Jul 06, 2010
Leveling a basePaul and Dennis bring up a base and level itJul 06, 2010
Preparing to lift a stoneJohn and Bruce prepare to lift a stone using our engine lift. Notice no chains or metal pieces are used. Jul 06, 2010
Dropping into positionJohn and Bruce drop the stone gently and VERY slowly onto it's base to allow it to be place exactly to needed position.Jul 06, 2010
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