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Brice Woods

Ann Woods

Margaret Elizabeth Woods

James Brice Woods

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Brice Woods
Died Dec 23 1841

Re Brice Woods

Home - In 1817 he is said to be living at Chatham. Lot 23, Concession 1 (River Range)

Research seems to indicate that Brice Woods was an Ensign in the Western District, Upper Canada Militia and Western Rangers. and fought in the War of 1812. At the moment we believe that this is PROBABLY correct, but it needs more research to verify. It is mentioned that he was involved in the battles of Frenchtown, and Maimi.

It is also mentioned that he was Registrar of Essex, in the year 1831.

Spouse & Children

His Wife was Ann. Died in 1830

His children were Margaret Elizabeth Woods (1821-1861) and James Brice Woods (1822 - ?)

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