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!%color=brown%[+'''Wesley F. Bunda'''+] Veteran

!%color=brown%[+'''Lucienne (De Bruyker) Bunda'''+] Veteran

!%color=brown%[+'''David F. Bunda'''+]

!%color=brown%[+'''Anthony R. "Tony" Bunda'''+]

!%color=brown%[+'''Patricia J. (Park) Bunda'''+]

!%color=brown%[+'''Joseph Brady Bunda'''+]






'''Cemetery Plot Number...196 W, Spaces 1 - 6 '''

'''Location: South1, East, Row 8'''



Wesley F. Bunda\\
1921 - 2000

Lucienne (De Bruyker) Bunda\\
no dates

David F. Bunda\\
1957 - 1982


Sgt. Wesley F. Bunda\\
A - 49974\\
Military Medal\\
For Bravery\\
Highland Light Infantry\\
of Canada


Lucienne De Bruyker\\
G - 953409\\
1st District\\
Censorship Station\\
British Army on Rhine


David Bunda\\
Ground stone


Anthony R. "Tony" Bunda\\
June 5, 1926\\
Nov. 23, 2007

Patricia J. (Park) Bunda\\
Aug. 1, 1932\\


Joseph Brady Bunda\\
Oct. 13, 1928\\
Jan. 15, 1997


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