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Neil Campbell Sr.

Margaret (McDonald) Campbell

Neil Campbell Jr.

Margaret "Maggie" Campbell

Catherine (Campbell) Yule

Robert H. Yule

Alexander Campbell

James Campbell

Cemetery Lot Number...838 E & W

Location: West, Row 7 & 8

West Side Campbell & Yule Stone
Neil Campbell Sr. --- ??? - 1837
his wife
Margaret (McDonald) Campbell ---1800 - 12/29/1893
their son
Neil Campbell Jr. --- 1837 - 1878
Margaret "Maggie" Campbell --- 1835 - 11/3/1902
Catherine "Kate" (Campbell) Yule --- 1833 - 11/11/1902
wife of Robert H. Yule

Alexander Campbell --- 1826 - 1842
James Campbell --- 1829 - 1859

Footstones for Neil Sr. "Father", Margaret "Mother", Neil Jr. "Neil", Margaret "Maggie" & Catherine "Kate"

Footstones for Alexander "Alex" & "James"


Robert H. Yule --- 1839 - 2/9/1907
Robert is mentioned as husband of Catherine but has no markings for his death

Several of the persons above with death dates before 1885 were likely moved here from another location (Family Cemetery?).

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