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!%color=brown%[+'''James Devin'''+]

!%color=brown%[+'''Mary (McNally) Devin'''+]

!%color=brown%[+'''Ann Devin'''+]

!! Unmarked

!%color=brown%[+'''June or Jane Devin'''+]

!%color=brown%[+'''Mary Rose Devin'''+]

!%color=brown%[+'''Michael Devin'''+]

!%color=brown%[+'''Catherine Devin'''+]





'''Cemetery Lot Number...1449 W '''

'''Location: Center East Front, Row 6'''



James Devin\\
1829 - 1880\\
His Wife,\\
Mary (McNally) Devin\\
1925 - 2/4/1903

Ann Devin\\
1856 - 1878

Unmarked; June or Jane Devin, Mary Rose, Michael & Catherine Devin, see index page.

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