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Charles E. Nightingale

George W. Nightingale

Malcolm J. Nightingale

C. Frank Nightingale

Bessie Evelyn Nightingale

Emma D. Nightingale

John C. Nightingale

Florence I. Norsworthy

Clarence A. Norsworthy

Florence Laba

John Laba

Cemetery Lot Number...988 E & W

Location: West, Row 5 & 6

Main Stone East Side
Nightingale / Norsworthy / Laba

Main Stone West Side
Nightingale / Norsworthy / Laba

Nightingale Footstones

Charles E. --- Died 7/14/1926, Aged 64 yrs.
George W. --- Died 3/31/1912, Aged 27 Yrs.
Malcolm J. --- Died 9/6/1948
C. Frank --- 1891 - 12/24/1958
Bessie Evelyn ---1890 - 12/12/1978 (Please note that Granddaughter identifies this as Bessie Evelyn but SOME records might identify her as Bessie Emma.)
Emma D. --- Died 1/8/1937
John C. or G. --- Died 3/11/1904, Aged 16 yrs.

Norsworthy Footstones

Florence I. --- 1899 - 3/30/1972
Clarence A. --- 1893 - 10/6/1980

Laba Footstones

Florence --- 1921 - 2/20/1972
John --- 1915 - 7/9/1988

Clarence Norsworthy's name is not on main stone.

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