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McVicar Story

Gravestone Located On Lot 8 Concession 5 Chatham Township Free standing large white slab - willow and urn motif

In memory of
Janet McKerrall
wife of
John McKay
who died
May 1, 1860
aged 63 y'rs

There is also a piece of another stone

..est son
& Jan.....

The above stones are located in a garage on the firm presently owned by Maurice Laevens. The reader is referred to the records of the McVicar Cemetery for further information about the McKay stone, especially stone 41 in the McVicar Cemetery Transcriptions. Transcribed on behalf ot eh Kent County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society on October 21, 1984 ... through the courtesy of Maurice and Carol Laevens.

The following is the plot map for McVicar that we have on our site. It is not yet photographed though. Please note the J McKay very near tahe McVicar burials. I believe that is likely the oldest part of the cemetery though this is not based on real knowledge of it.