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Alphabetical Index of Memorial Field

Updated as of Oct 01 2011

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Imperial War Museum, London England
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Photo number Q 100870
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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's. In some cases, even though the death date is before the 1980's, these stones were placed in 2009 & 2011 as part of the program of the Last Post Fund.

Memorial Field is located in two different Wards. Ward G, and Ward I. Here they are listed separately. Ward G is in front, and Ward I is further back.

Memorials in Ward G

Adcock - Albert O RASC

Alexander - J A S Art NF

Alexander - Jean M Art NF

Allott - Jack S Captain NF

Ambrose - William Major NF

Anderson - Howard

Armour - Thomas J Pvt

Ashton - Jay E Corporal

Attewell - Daniel William NF

Baker - Elizabeth

Bancks - Arthur Sapper

Banner - Charles Trooper

Barnard - Richard, Pte

Barnier - William Sapper

Bates - Albert

Baylis - Clayton

Beeston - Bernard Flight Lt NF

Beggs - Clarence W Lance Corporal

Belsey - William R, Private

Blencowe - Frank Private

Bonnemayers - Petrus Private

Borseau - John Sapper NF

Boswell - Gordon L

Boswell - Sadie E

Bourdeau - James Private NF

Brennan - Cyril Lawrence F Sgt

Brimble - Horace

Bristol - George Private NF

Brown - George C/C NF

Brown - Hiram J RCOC

Brown - Janet

Brown - John, Corporal

Brown - John

Brown - Llewellyn G Private

Brown - Nancy (Annie)

Brown - Ross Welsh NF

Browning - Sadie E

Bullingham - A Private NF

Burke - Frank, Pte

Burns - Harry Private NF

Butler - Alfred John Pte

Butler - Gwyn

Butler - William G "Bill" Lt NF

Callcott - John H Sergeant

Calver - Walter H E P/Sgt

Camp - Allan Bruce Corporal NF

Camp - Erika Elisabeth NF

Camp - Raymond NF

Camp - Sylvia NF

Campbell - James Private NF

Carney - Hugh Sapper

Carrington - Bertram Pte NF

Casler - Allen Private

Catton - Reginald G

Catton - Emily

Catton - Wilfred

Charlton - Jack

Charuk - William Private

Claremont - H LCpl

Clark - Albert E Lance Corporal

Cofell - Christine British Forces NF

Cole - Charles

Cole - Florence

Colley - George E Imperial Army

Colley - George E Infantry NF

Colley - Jean M Art NF

Como - Dunna J Pte

Cook - Charles. CSM

Cook - Mary

Copland - Alexander Morrison, WWW1 Pte, WW11 SGT

Copland - Florence M

Corriveau - Betty

Corriveau - Irene

Cowan - Samuel, Sapper

Cregg - Thomas A, Pte

Crosby - Herbert H Corporal

Crosby - Herbert V, Gunner

Crouchman - Orville Private

Cruse - EGJ (Ted)

Danby - George Earl Sapper NF

Daniels - Edgar W Sergeant

Daniels - William NF

Dauphin - T Private

Day - Edward T Private NF

Day - Grace O

Day - Lennard

Day - Norman Hurrell

Day - Sarah E

Demers - Fred Soldat

Dennis - Jessie

Dennis - Richard H Captain

Depuydt - Martha

Depuydt - Agenor Belgium Army

Desborough - John R. Sergt

Dimond - John Earle Sapper NF

Dittmer - Albert

Dixon - James F

Dodge - Jackson Private

Dolman - A Pte

Doughty - Albert E

Doughty - E A Lt

Douglas - John (Ian)

Doyle - R E Pat RCR

Dozois - Charles Joseph Private NF

Duignan - Patrick J Private

Duquette - Eugene Private NF

Dymond - Robert W, Corporal

Dynes - Lloyd N, Sergeant

Eddolls - Charles T 48 Highlanders NF

Eller - Douglas C - L A C NF

Elliott - William B

Ellis - O A PTe

Ely - Edmond NF

Emans - Catherine

Emans - Donald Victor "Scotty" NF

Emans - M Ilene NF

Emans - Robert, Private

Emans - William

Enis - Hugh Private

Falconer - Charles Pte

Farmer - Frank Willis

Ferguson - James A (Sandy)

Field - Harriet

Field - Leonard William

Fielding - J T RCC

Flook - Albert E Corporal

Foubister - David Captain NF

Fournier - Frederick Private

Fournier - George W, Private

Foy - John Sergeant NF

Freeman - Thomas, Private

Fullerton - Freda A NF

Fullerton - Sydney R TPR NF

Gallaway - Mary E

Gallippo - Joseph Private NF

Garner - Albert E. Pte

Garton - William Private

Gibson - Bud P Corp

GIlliam - William J CSM

Glassford - Alva M

Goodard - Carol NF

Goodard - Jack "Snarly" RCAF NF

Goodman - Emma

Graham - Walter

Grey - William Horace

Grocott - George S Cpl

Hammerton - John A Private NF

Hamilton - Arthur F Private NF

Handsor - William (Archie)

Hanigan - Lawrence WOI

Harding - James, Sgt Major

Harding - Thomas Private NF

Harkness - Charles Hector Sgt NF

Harkness - Mildred Louise

Harrogate - George H Sergeant

Harvey - William - Field Ambulence

Haskell - Edward C

Haskell - Vernon Tpr NF

Hasson - Lawrence B

Hennaert - Martha

Herron - Jean K Acw

Hetherington - Margaret

Heyninck - Leo Felix Cpl

Hill - Joseph, Corporal

Hoffman - Valentine - US Civil War Veteran NF

Hood - Samuel J Private NF

Horton - Hallous Powell "Paul" NF

Howard - Carol NF

Howard - Rose V

Howard - Thomas Edmund Corporal

Howe - N W RCAF

Hulse - John W, L Corporal

Hulse - John W Private

Hyatt - Kent W Private

Hyde - John Sergeant

Hyde - Victoria

Ireland - Elizabeth K

Ireland - Thomas

Jewiss - Alfred H. Q M Sgt

Jewiss - Edmund A

Jewiss - Victoria

Joseph - Emmanuel Private NF

Joyce - Bertie "Bert" NF

Judd - William Private

Kelman - George, Corporal

Kerr - James, Private

Kett - William Gunner

King - George

King - Mary E

King - Robert Wm, Pte

Kinsman - Harry Private

Knight - David M M NF

Knott - Walter M (Bill)

Ladd - Archibald C

Ladd - John E

Ladd - Velma

Landcaster - Russell G

Lane - Fred A Sgt

Laurie _ Hazel I NF

Laurie - William A Private NF

Laurie - William A Private

Leblanc - Joseph Douglas NF

Leblanc - Rose NF

LeGroulx - Albert W Trooper NF

Leitch - Frederick

Levi - Velma

Levi - William J (Jim)

Levick _ Arthur

Lewis - Walter A, Private

Liggins - William, Private

Lodewegen - Tiete Dutch Army NF

Lovell - David T

Luff - Ernest Stanley NF

Luff - George W Private NF

Lynch - Joseph P

MacDougall - Glenn S

Maguire - Jas, Corporal

Main - Frederick Sergeant NF

Mallett - Albert A, Private

Mallett - L A Sr Pte

Manninger - Rita S NF

Manninger - Theodore S "Ted" NF

Marchand - Russell, Private

Martin - Archade Private NF

Martin - Bruce Private NF

Martin - David, Private

Martin - George, Sergeant

Martin - R B, Pte

Mason - Gordon Private NF

Mason - Thomas RCAF

Mattens - Alphonse

McCotter - S C, Rifleman

McDonald - John, Private

McDonald - John A Driver NF

McDonell - Alvin L. Private

McDowell - Elizabeth K

McFayden - Catherine

McIntyre - Frederick, Private NF

McKaigue - John RNAS

McLean - Martha E

McLennan - Donald J Private NF

McPherson - Staynor Private

Moody - Cordelia

Moody - John Private

Moody - Lyle A Corporal

Moody - William H

Moore - Roy D Sapper NF

Moore - Alfred

Morrell - Charlie E Tank Reg't

Morrell - George RCA

Murray - Milburn G M, Sergeant

Morris - Wilfred J Lance Corporal

Neill - George

Neill - George S

Neil - Jack J P Private NF

Neill - Violet

Newham - Spencer Pte

Nourse - Harry Private NF

O'neill - Rose NF

Oppe - Jan (John)

Orr - George

Overend - Herbert CEF

Pack - George Pte

Pacque - Cyril Private

Parker - Charles H, Cook NF

Parker - Cora NF

Parker - Emma

Parker - Harry, Corporal

Parker - Harry, Pte NF

Parker - Robert, Pte NF

Parker - Rosemary NF

Parker - Robert Pte

Parker - William

Parker - William Henry, Dr

Parrott - A L, Spr

Parsons - Sidney D

Patterson - Betty

Patterson - James L

Payne - Ernest T, Private

Pfeffer - Erika Elisabeth NF

Plumridge - Arthur G Driver

Popowyez - John

Rayment - Harold Private NF

Reekie - Harry W - Essex and Kent Scots

Reekie - Lyla Marie

Reeve - Audrey J NF

Reeve - Bert NF

Regan - Thomas J

Reid - John Lyle

Ridgers - Reginald H

Rimmer - Gwyn

Risley - James A Private NF

Roberts - Ernest Arthur

Robinson - Harriet

Robinson - Robert A, Pte

Rogers - Richard C "Dick"

Ross - Orval James Private NF

Ross - William A Private NF

Rowden - Reginald H

Rowden - Irene

Russell - Thomas Private

Ryan - Arthur E Gunner NF

Sadler Frank G

Salisbury - George Albert Pte

Schamahorn - Constance NF

Schamahorn - Donald G "Don" NF

Scott - Charles SSM NF

Scott - Steven Joseph L Cpl - Vietnam

Seller - Joseph J

Sexton - Thomas E, Pte

Seymour - Martha E

Seymour - Thomas R

Shoji - George, Seargent

Sloan - M Ilene

Smith - Joseph

Smith - Robert, Private

Smith - William G Private NF

Stevens - Charles Private NF

Stevenson - Constance NF

Stewart - James F

Stocks - Rita S NF

Sumner - John CEF

Talbot - Alvin P, CD WO2 NF

Taylor - George W

Tennant - Francis L Pte

Thatcher - Harold S Private

Thibeault Jeremiah L Pte

Thomas - Royal E

Tickner - Morley Gunner NF

Turkington - Josephine

Turkington - William

Turnbull - Steve

Turner - C N Pte

Turner - Grafton Lynn

Turner - Joseph Benjamin NF

Turner - Ron C, Lance Corporal NF

Varney - Bertram G

Venoitte - H J Pte

Vienneau - Bernie

Vienneau - Patsy

Virtue - Roy John

Wain - Elizabeth

Wain - Sidney S, Cpl

Wakefield - Margaret

Wakefield - Thomas V

Walker - William Private

Wall - William B, Sapper

Walls - Thomas - Royal Navy NF

Walmsley _ Robert Private NF

Wass - Doris NF

Wass - Frederick S

Watts - Florence M

Wheeler - W W (Pony), Gunner

Wicks - Dorothy NF

Wicks - Raymond B - L CPL NF

Wilcox - Jonnie W, Pte

Willder - James, Private

Williams - Herbert Private

Williams - Rose V

Willis - C Carl

Wirth - Philip, Private

Wood - William A Private

Wright - Arthur, Private

Wright - Cornelius Trooper NF

Temporary markers (Permanent now installed with photos coming soon.)


















Memorials in Ward I

Alzeen - Sicard

Archibald - Margaret T NF

Archibald - Ross V NF

Arcquiet - Ila L A W W Q G NF

Bailey - Francis M W/O

Baird - Jean Yvonne

Baird - John Wesley

Barlow - Douglas S Capt NF

Barnier - Anthony S Sapper

Bates - George Frederick NF

Besant - William E NF

Binga _ Bethunf D NF

Bingham - Gwynneth Rose NF

Bingham - Ronald George RAF NF

Bishop - Helen M NF

Bishop - John H NF

Bradley - Francis E Private

Braniff - Rita

Breynaert - George V C Able Seaman NF

Bristol - D E Pte NF

Brock - Phyllis NF

Brooks - Harold Private

Burd - Howard J Essex Scottish NF

Capsticks - Wilfrid NF

Carley - Helen NF

Carley - Stanley NF

Caus - Camille

Clairmont - H H Private

Clarke - Gary James NF

Copeland - Claire NF

Copeland - James L Sergeant NF

Crosby - William Gunner

Crosby - Mervin L RCA NF

Currie - Hubert Private NF

Czarnecki - Stanley

Czarnohorski - Gustaw NF

Dale - Wilfrid Leroy Private NF

DeKeyzer - Achille

Delaney - Albert Private NF

Demars - Frank Private NF

Denomy - Bernard C W/C

Dixon - Claire C Pte NF

Doan - George H Private NF

Dulong - Douglas P Sergeant

Ebare - Edgar Pte NF

Ellis - Charles H "Bus"

Ellis - Chuck

Ellis - Rita

Ellis - Roy

Eyres - Jeffrey Major NF

Farrelly - James J Sergeant NF

Flaherty - J F Pte

Foy - Jack - S Private NF

French - Clifford Pte NF

French - William O "Bill" Private

Fricker - Phyllis NF

Fricker - William NF

Greenslade - Dorothy Ella NF

Greenslade - John Albert Medical Corps NF

Grman - Steve Private NF

Henderson - Bruce E Cpl NF

Henderson - Ila NF

Heyninck - Ramie Joseph NF

Higgins - Anne NF

Higgins - David NF

Higgins - Frank NF

Higgins - H W Pte NF

Higgins - Mark NF

Hillan - James M Sgt NF

Hood - Cecil G Sergeant NF

Hood - Edith NF

Iannicello _ Carmina NF

Iannicello _ Donato NF

Irwin - R Loraine NF

Irwin - Richard H RCAF NF

Jeffrey - C J "Jeff" Captain

Johnston - Gordon Raymond "Jasper" Captain NF

Joseph - Irma Maria NF

Kelly - Wilfred J Flying Officer NF

Kennerknecht - N Private

Kipp - Vernon M Sergeant

Kirk - Eleanor WAAF NF

Kirk - W J Melville (Doc) RCAF NF

Kitt - Roy N NF

Ladd - Alvin A NF

Lamarsh - Arthur J Private

Lane - William E Corporal NF

LeBlanc - Reginald ERA RCN

Lee - Norman Peter Gunner NF

Legue - E Pte

Levi - James B Pte

Liddard - Earle R

Livingston - Carl D Private NF

Lucier - R Loraine NF

MacDonald - Mary

Mallett - Harry F Pte NF

Marchuk - Nikolai NF

Martens - Alphonse Theophile NF

Martens - Isabella Camellia NF

McCarron - Anthony Able Seaman NF

McDonald - Donald M NF

McKeever - John J Gunner NF

McMullen - Robert E

Medenblik - Martin NF

Micks - Lillian NF

Micks - Philip A NF

Miller - John H Lance Corporal NF

Miller - William Henry Merchant Marine

Moody - Leneord Corbet NF

Moore - Albert NF

Mulder - Kenneth Lance Corporal NF

Mullaly - Thomas NF

Myers - Earl Private

Myers - Gerald G Rifleman NF

Nadeau - Emile J Pte NF

Napper - John H Private

Nevick - Lloyd W Private NF

Newman - Leslie NF

Newton - William NF

O'rourke - William Flying Officer

Palmer - Frederick James NF

Park - Frank M Craftsman NF

Parker - Phyllis NF

Parker - William NF

Payne - John W Seargent NF

Pepper - Harold J Private

Pinsonneault - Montcalm L Private NF

Pinsonneault - Victor G Private NF

Plaunt - Cathterine Ann NF

Plaunt - Randy K Corporal NF

Pryor - Lloyd T Private NF

Redman - Buddy J Corporal NF

Regan - Thomas James NF

Reissner - Donald A

Reissner - Mary

Richie - Wilfred NF

Robertson - Irma Maria NF

Robertson - W J NF

Rybachuk - Lillian NF

Sadler - Sidney "Sid"

Scott - Charles SSM NF

Scott - John G Lance Corporal NF

Scafe - Donald W Able Seaman NF

Seymour - Helen

Seymour - John L Sergeant

Shaw - Douglas V Private NF

Shaw - James W Sapper

Shaw - Marjorie

Shaw - Morley

Sisson - John J Sapper NF

Skalmierski - Walter Corporal

Smith - Grant

Smith - John H

Smith - Kevin Steven PFC

Smith - Ralph M Seargent NF

Smith - Richard F Master Corporal NF

Smith - Terry

Soenen _ Roger A Private NF

Spagnola - Frank Private NF

Stuart - Frank G Sgt NF

Stuart - Mabel G NF

Suchard - Arthur J Lieutenant NF

Thorpe - William A Pte NF

Tremblay - Russell C Private NF

Trudell - Donald A CD NF

Tunstall - James F Trooper NF

Vanderhyde - Carl F NF

Van Dusen - Henrietta "Dolly" NF

Walker - Joseph Walter

Wells - James Ramsay H M Royal Marines

Wightman - Wilfred Andrew NF

Williams - Duncan Ernest NF

Williams - Henrietta "Dolly" NF

Williams - Herbert C NF

Williams - Roberta L NF

Williams - Raymond Frederick Corporal NF

Wilson - George Frederick RAF NF

Yansick - Joseph Daniel (Snuffy) Pte NF

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