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Lenover Burial Ground History

With Thanks to Ruth Lenover

The Lenover Monument
Benjamin J Lenover
Died April 23 1858
Age 42 years
Harriet His wife
Died Dec 20 (or 28?) 1893
Age 74 years and 9 months

Lenover Cemeteries.- 599-4 - Lot 4 Con. 1, Howard Twp. - 12014 Magnavilla Line.

The following text is written by Ruth Lenover

Quote - "The stones that are there are in their original places, cemetery has not been moved. It was for many years covered in brush and bramble bushes and the current owners worked hard to clear out the area. They did an amazing job. I was there twice when it was totally hidden and three times after it was cleared. I was with Joan griffin when we originally found the cemetery. There are more stones up there somewhere, maybe never to be found. The cemetery is on the land of the original Lenover Farm."

"When Benjamin Lenover (on the tombstone) died his land was divided up and went to several of his children. It was owned by Lenovers for many years. The Lenover farm was the home of Mayor Bill Erikson's grandparents, Alice and Les Lenover when I was a kid. I spent all my summers in Chatham with my grandparents and we spent a lot of time at the farm visiting. My father Max Lenover and I first found the cemetery in the early 1980's. We went to the farm and talked to the people who lived there and the kids took us to the tombstone. At the time the Arbour family owned the farm, also Lenover descendants. The stone sits up on a knoll and at the time was so buried we had to fight our way in to get to it. Now the Jones's have totally cleaned it out and it looks amazing. They planted flowers and put a lovely stone bench there." - End of Quote

Also, Ruth writes "Several years ago at Lenover Cemetery we used metal rods to find stones at Lenover Cemetery and found two that were buried. One was a marker and one was the tombstone for Albert E. Cromwell, grandson of Benjamin Lenover. My father who was from Chatham and spent a lot of time at the Lenover farm used to talk about playing hide and seek around the stones at Lenover cemetery. He said their were many stones and was shocked to hear that only one was left."

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