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Chatham Kent's Other CemeteriesWe Caution that there are lost cemeteries EVERYWHERE in Chatham-Kent as there are throughout the world. Endless single burials or lost small cemeteries. Native burials, or European these are everywhere. No one should ever believe that all of the cemeteries listed here are all burials in the County. To do that would be an impossible take and would involve finding burials along every creek, railway, road, or just endless locations throughout the County. So please keep this in mind when looking through these lists.
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Historic - Other Cemeteries


Historic areas in Other Cemeteries in Chatham Kent

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Chatham Cty
7 108
Chatham Twp
62 14,031
Dover Twp
Harwich Twp
20 1,178
Howard Twp
25 3,964
Orford Twp
18 2,165
Trinity Anglican

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Raleigh Twp
14 3,526
Romney Twp
7 1,656
Tilbury East Twp
7 1,544
Zone Twp
6 1,854

War Memorials


War Memorials in Chatham-Kent.
Please note that there are no burials here.

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