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OSA ~ circleRaising of a Base
Pic # 1
**after prodding and finding that a
base was lying under the soil, it is
slowly dug for
**to raise to hold monument

Photo: P:O:
OSA ~ circleRaising of a Base
Pic # 2
**the tall monument and a
smaller base lie, waiting to
be replaced on the larger
base that is still hidden
under the soil
Photo: P:O:
OSA ~ circleRaising of a Base
Pic # 3
**this large heavy bottom
base is finally uncovered
and raised by using solid
2 X 4 pieces of wood
**gravel will be packed
beneath it to raise it up
Photo: P:O:
OSA ~ circleRaising of a Base
Pic # 4
**close up view of this
base to give a vision of
the depth and weight
that some are
Photo: P:O:
OSA ~ circleRaising of a Base
Pic # 5
**Bruce Warwick explains the product he
is about to use.
**sealing compound will be set between
the 2 bases
**this helps keep the water out and also
to prevent slipping from ice build up
Photo: P:O:
OSA ~ circleRaising of a Base
Pic # 6
**Bruce is applying the sealing
compound in a twisted bead style
**the second top base will be set
into this compound to seal the edges
Photo: P:O:
OSA ~ circleRaising of a Base
Pic # 7
**Bruce & Trish set the
top base square into the
sealing compound
**the compound should seal
the 2 edges and keep the rain
and ice out for some years
**thus preventing the pieces from
separating and sliding apart
Photo: P:O:
OSA ~ circleRaising of a Base
Pic # 8
**the 2 base pieces are now
set and sealed together
**next step is to lift and set
the long tall monument
on top of it
Photo: P:O:
Start of a search
and restoration.
OSA ~ outside circleDigging to find, identify, & raise
OSA ~ outside circleFound, and assessing the situation
OSA ~ outside circleGravel screenings being used
to fill and make a solid bed
for the base of the grave stone.
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