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Cemeteries of Chatham-Kent gallery - Images of the cemeteries of Chatham-Kent Ontario

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Preparing to lift a stoneJohn and Bruce prepare to lift a stone using our engine lift. Notice no chains or metal pieces are used.
Dropping into positionJohn and Bruce drop the stone gently and VERY slowly onto it's base to allow it to be place exactly to needed position.
Photo: Bruce WarwickDALTON
pic 1

*showing the large Dalton
monument that is in danger
of falling over and possibly
being damaged permamently

submitted: Trish Nigh
Photo: Bruce WarwickDALTON
pic 2

submitted: Trish Nigh
Photo: Bruce WarwickDALTON
pic 3

* this view shows the lift that was
used to help straighten this
large stone and set in place.
* this stone is now set
and stabilized...with hopefully no
more problems to come.

submitted: Trish Nigh
Photo: Bruce WarwickDALTON
pic 4

*the Dalton stone is now
completely finished

submitted: Trish Nigh
Photo by Les MancellThe old fashioned and wrong way to fix a stone.
Photo by Les MancellThe Old Fashioned and Wrong Way to Fix a Stone
Leveling a basePaul and Dennis bring up a base and level it
Old St. A's>outside the Circle
*Paul Thorpe & Dennis Zink work
on raising and leveling the base of
the stone. This is heavy work.
**in the background a group are
working with an engine lift to raise
a large heavy base.
Photo by Trish Nigh
Old St. A's > outside the Circle
*Paul Thorpe picks a stone to
restore to a better position.
Photo by Trish Nigh
Old St. A's>outside the Circle
*Paul & Dennis are finishing
up back filling the base and
upright tablet with crushed
gravel screenings.
*This takes quite a large amount of gravel
to make the monuments stay
upright and stable.
Photo by Trish Nigh
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