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Old St. A's> outside the Circle
*Paul & Dennis check out the angles and
security of the base and tablet.
*notice that they use the base as a wall
to help secure the tablet upright.
Photo by Trish Nigh
Old St. A's > outside the Circle
*proud of a job well done, Dennis & Paul
are finished with this heavy tablet. More
still to do in this area. Notice the broken
tablet lying on the ground.
Photos by Trish Nigh
Old M.L. Ward E
*flat tablet style grave stone of
Ellen Jane Ogle (1873)
lying flat, slowing being covered
by grass and dirt.
*Needs to be raised and laid in
a bed of gravel screenings.
Photo by Trish Nigh
MAR. 2, 1801 ~ FEB. 11, 1882
(a Black Mason)
Photo by Trish Nigh (cp Wd A)
1942 ~ 1962
Preservation of a marker!
*being a flat grave marker, this was
slowly being overgrown with grass
and soil.
*it is now cleared and viewable
Photo by Trish Nigh
pic # 2 Preservation of a flat marker !
*the grass and soil was cut away from
the marker at an angle and a good
distance from the edges.
*sample of some of the tools to use
*time>>about 1/2 hour to finish.
**it will be bordered with a
bed of gravel screenings to keep
machines and debris away from it.
Work & Photo by Trish Nigh
Photo: Trish Nigh" BUY IN A TREE FREE AREA "
A storm bringing down tree branches
can ruin grave stones in just a matter
of minutes.
**luckily this time>>no damage was done
**old rotting trees are a danger at any time
**buy grave plots in a Tree Free Area !!
**Old Maple Leaf, Ward A
Photo: Trish Nigh# 1 Waddell Repair ~ Full View
Henry Waddell
This stone was broken off near
the base, leaving 2 good pcs.
*Repositioned by pegging and
using a special mortar mixture,
it was returned to an upright position.
**sits in Old M.L. Ward G, near Eberts crypt.
Photo: Trish Nigh# 2 Waddell Repair ~ Close View
Henry Waddell
Pegging & a special mortar mixture
allowed this broken tablet to be
returned to it's original upright position
**the mortar mixture helps to seal the seam
to keep the moisture out and hold the
pieces of the broken tablet together.
Photo: Trish NighPic # 1 CASEY
*this grave stone for
Francis Casey was completely
covered with grass and soil. It was
dug out and was restored to a proper
position in a bed of gravel screenings.
**lies inside circle of Old St. A's
Photo: Trish Nighpic # 1 MASTERSON
*after some loose growing weeds and
grass were pulled back, this beautiful
grave stone was exposed. Slowly sinking
to eventually be lost to sight.
*this was restored to a preserved position
**lies inside circle, Old St. Anthony's
Photo: Trish Nighpic # 2 MASTERSON ~ finished
**took abt., 1/2 hour to complete
*restored to a proper position
on a bed of gravel screenings,
will hopefully keep this excellent
stone in a preserved setting for
years to come.
*shows that a bit of labor can
really keep our grave stones and
the cemetery in better repairs.
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