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Photo: Trish NighPic # ~ 3 ~
** A small grave marker
for Edward Coveny
**there are markers of the
same design & style for
Sarah, Matthew & Michael
Photo: Trish NighPic # ~ 4 ~
**A full view of the family site.
**shows location of the site, which
is situated on the bottom bend of the
Old St. Anthony's (Circle) , across
from OSA's Ward O
**The stones will all be taken back out
and set in a deep bed of crushed gravel
screenings to hold them more secure &
hopefully keep them from sinking so quickly
in the years to come.
Old Maple Leaf Ward A
*the Abraham D. Shadd large flat
grave marker was cleaned up
around it and back filled with
crushed gravel screenings.
*this will hopefully help keep the
grass and debris away from it.
**find this wonderful stone in
Old M.L. Ward A
Photo by Trish Nigh
Old Maple Leaf Ward A
*these stones were all found lying stacked
on top of one another under the soil.
Paul Thorpe and another volunteer, dug them
out and worked to stand all of them upright.
*standing upright helps to protect from some of
the elements of mother nature, such as water freezing
and cracking them, and natural debris lying and destroying them.
*these can be found next to the large flat grave
marker of Abraham D. Shadd in Old M.L. Ward A
Photo by Trish Nigh
Old Maple Leaf Ward B
*3 flat grave tablets were lying
covered by grass and mud. They
were unearthed and cleaned. Now
resting in a generous bed of crushed
gravel screenings.
*find these near the road on Maple
Leaf Drive.
Photo by Trish Nigh
Old Maple Leaf Ward D
*hidden in a little grove of young seedlings,
this little grave stone came to light when
some of the grass and seedlings were removed.
*Partially cleared and photographed by
Trish Nigh & Bruce Warwick.
Old Maple Leaf Ward D
*grave stone of Bertha Willcox
lies toppled from the land settling
and shifting. Waiting to be restored
to a secure upright position.
**Photo in 2010
Photo by Trish Nigh
Old Maple Leaf Ward D
*this darling little grave stone of
Sarah Leeming who died, April 13, 1911,
has weathered the elements for many years,
but has lost part of it's battle with the top
cross being broken. So it sits patiently
awaiting repairs. But when?
Photo in 2010
Photo by Trish Nigh
Old Maple Leaf Ward B
*the grave stone of Edward Hicks, died
June 24, 1883, now lies in a generous
bed of crushed gravel screenings. Hopefully
to be viewable for many years to come.
Photo by Trish Nigh
Photo: Trish Nigh(GPR) pic # 3
Dave Snobelen and his
GPR machine
*the machine seems to have
located a grave stone or other
possible surface down in
the ground in Old St. Anthony's
Photo: Trish Nigh(GPR) pic # 1
Ground Penetrating Radar machine.
**It's primary use is to locate utilities, like
pipes and cables for the construction industry.
Works good at locating graves and often buried stones
Transmitts a weak radio frequency into the ground, then
listens for reflected energy, and timing the reflection to give depth.
Any changes in the ground, different surfaces will show as something.
This information is put on a video display to be interpreted by the operator.
Photo: Trish Nigh(GPR) pic # 4
Dave Snobelen has
found a stone below ground
using his GPR, machine
and a ground prod
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