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OSAVery Rev. John Joseph Gnam V.F.
Dec. 6, 1862 ~ June 6, 1934
Ordained Dec. 24, 1892
Burial beside Cruxifixion Group
which he was instrumental in having
erected on the reserved clergy site.
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OSAFather J.M. Charles Caruana
1922 ~ 2009
Burial beside the Cruxifixion Group
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OSART. Rev. Monsignor
E.A. O'Donnell D.P. V.F.
1897 ~ 1966
Pastor of St. Joseph's Church
for 1950 ~ 1966
Burial beside Cruxifixion Group
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OSAFather Peter Van Der Biezen
1916 ~ 2002
Ordained May 30, 1953
Burial beside Cruxifixion Group
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OSABishop James Leonard Doyle
1929 ~ 2004
Burial beside Cruxifixion Group
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OSAFather Stanley Edward McGuire
1928 ~ 2001
Burial beside Cruxifixion Group
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OSAThe Cruxifixion Group Statue
sits in the Main Entrance to the
Old Section of St. Anthony's Cemetery,
resting on a site of plots reserved for
Catholic Clergy burials. Father J.J. Gnam
was instrumental in having it erected.
There are 6 burials today in 2010.
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