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Pic # 11
*this is the dense brush & trees
that we are working in & will be
moving a broken part of a grave
stone through. We will carry it by
hand as there are no vehicles
allowed to move it.
Photo: Trish Nigh
Pic # 12
The path we have made to
transfer a partial stone through
to site # 1

Photo: Trish Nigh
Pic # 13
Site # 1
The partial grave stone
from Site # 2 was moved
to Site # 1 and is a perfect
match for the top of it, which
was already lying in site # 1.
Christine brushes it off, to
prepare for photos of the two
pieces after they have been
Photo: Trish Nigh
Pic # 14
Site # 1
Christine & John
very satisfied with the
find that we made today.

Photo: Trish Nigh
Pic # 15
Site # 1
Brice Woods
died Dec. 23. 1841
aged 58 y'rs.
Also ANN his wife
died Jan. 30. 1830
aged 41 y'rs.
James B. their son
died July 3. 1838
aged 16 y'rs.
**Ann's death mo. could be June
Photo: Trish Nigh
Pic # 16
Site # 1
Brice Woods
**records have been found
that could point to this fella
having been the Brice Woods
that fought in various places...
""And also in the War of 1812""
This could be a very Historical
Find for Chatham~Kent history.
Whether these stones were found
some years ago & not recorded,
this we do not know...but today we
find this of great interest to possibly
add to the celebrations of the
anniversary years of the War of 1812..
Photo: Trish Nigh
Pic # 17
Site Photo
John & Christine with
Trish behind the camera
as she normally is,
are happy with the results
on this excursion today.
We are preparing to leave
the area, leaving it for the
future to be unknown.
Photo: Trish Nigh
Pic # 18
John Skakel
The owner & mind behind
this website, is also the best
Chatham Kent Cemetery
Restoration Volunteer, that the
volunteer group has.
He has found many lost grave sites
and continues on day after day
trying to locate and find history
to share on this site.
He gathers his tools to leave another
site with great information to share
with others on this day.
Photo: Trish Nigh
Photo by MancellPossible location of old cemetery in the field right beside broken monuments.
White shirt, green spade, and John's position mark three of the four corners of the suspected cemetery area.
Note the River bank to the Far Right of Photograph.
Caution. Please note that possible cemetery was found by Dowsing.
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