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Before Preservation STones flat on ground and stones brokenBefore Preservation
Stones lie flat on the ground
& some stones were broken

Photo: J:S:
Before Preservation Stones toppledPhoto: J:S:
Before Preservation - Stones tippedPhoto: J:S:
Before Preservation Stones tipping, laying on ground, and brokenStones tipped and broken
in OSA by the Tobin stone

Photo: J:S:
Before Preservation - Stones tippedPhoto: J:S:
Before Preservation - Stones flat on groundPhoto: J:S:
Before Preservation - Stones leaning badlyPhoto: J:S:
Before Preservation - Stones tippedPhoto: J:S:
Before Preservation - Stones laying on ground gradually being covered.Photo: J:S:
Before Preservation - Broken STonePhoto: J:S:
Old Maple Leaf Ward E
*near the red brick building lies
this grave stone for Ellen Jane Ogle
wife of John Ogle. The stone being about
137 years old, it would be a shame
to see it disappear completely below
the soil.
Photo: T:N:
" Restoration Required "
Old M. L. Ward F is in desperate need of some
restoration, due to stones being broken
and vandalized & also from natural causes.
** Stone on right tipped from the roots of a
tree growing up under the base, causing the
whole stone to tip and topple. (cp)
Photo: T:N:
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