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Henson Cem.Pulling the Ground Penetrating Radar

Photo: J:S:
Henson CemAlthough the process looks simple,
carrying the heavy computer,
pulling the GPR unit,
and laying out the Grid while keeping everything
EXACTLY correct can be VERY demanding!

Photo: J:S:
Henson Cem.Grave Marker of Josiah Henson,
much of the inspiration for
the book Uncle Tom's Cabin

Photo: J:S:
Henson Cem.A grid must be laid out so that the machine
"Knows exactly where it is" every second,
thus allowing it to plot very accurate
maps of what is under ground
Photo: J:S:
Henson Cem.Moving the Grid line to allow the
GPR unit to pass once again.

Photo: J:S:
Henson Cem.Every inch of ground must be covered
by that little GPR unit, meaning
an almost endless number of passes
and amount of work in even a tiny cemetery

Photo: J:S:
Henson Cem.A view of the Henson Cemetery

Photo: J:S:
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