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After the Arrival of our European Ancestors

See Historical and Genealogical Documentation of Chatham-Kent Cemeteries after the Europeans arrived here.

This area will show you just a little bit of information on Chatham-Kent's Cemeteries today. Photographs of those that are so very hard to find. History of many of our cemeteries. How to fix up your family plot. How to actually begin to restore/preserve an old cemetery. And you can see many Cemeteries and Wards of Cemeteries fully photographed today. This is a very long term project involving thousands upon thousands of hours of work by many VERY dedicated people. We could especially use more help in typing if you have typing skills. We hope that you find this project helpful.

Chatham-Kent's First Inhabitants

Click the Photo In recognition of Chatham-Kent's First Peoples

"Night Stories". Image copyright to RC Gorman
About 10 - 11 thousand years ago our First Peoples began to arrive in Chatham-Kent. Although we of European origin like to forget that, our Native Brothers and Sisters have lived here pretty much continually ever since.

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