A Huge THANK YOU! We owe some people a huge Thank You for this site and our Restoration Project. First off comes Jim Conner in Alaska. This site would not exist if not for him. As for the preservation project, Cemetery administrators and staff, forward thinking people who put up with our endless emails and questions, always getting us supplies, etc. And the Council of Chatham-Kent. Lastly Jim Turner and Jill Dickinson in the office who put up with so many endless questions from us! Without every one of these people we could not even exist!

A Huge Thank You to Our Volunteers. Whether they have been able to spend so many long hours for endless days, or their schedule only allows for a day or two here or there. Some of this work involves digging with tiny shovels, and some much heavier labor with pry bars. Some involves sitting for endless hours in front of a computer figuring who the Father and Mother was or how many children they had. Or taking the tens of thousands of photos to preserve history on this now beautiful web site. No one ever complains. We owe you all a huge vote of Thanks.

Old Mausoleum at Maple Leaf Cemetery Chatham
Photo by T Nigh

The Cemeteries of Chatham-Kent. Ontario Canada.

Please Note! This web site is NOT a part of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent Cemeteries Administration.

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Photo by T Nigh

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Photo of John and Bruce
Putting stone back on base
Photo by Nigh

We would like to thank all the visitors to the cemetery for the encouragement and support that they compliment us with. Whether it be in voices of praise, coffee when we are parched, cookies, muffins, or maybe just a smile, a thumbs up or a wave, and always just their presence. Their acknowledgements give us the spirit to continue on with this huge project.
The Volunteers

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Special Temporary Presentation. Historical Burials Documentation (Recent permissions have allowed us to present this information. We hope to show more soon.)

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Maple Leaf and ST Anthony's Cemeteries

Other Cemeteries of Chatham-Kent.

Please help us with information on the Potter's Field in Old Maple Leaf Cemetery!

Special Information on Chatham-Kent's Cemeteries and our Cemeteries Restoration / Preservation Project.

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If I know nothing about working on monuments, can I help?

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