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Beauty of Old Maple Leaf Mausoleum


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Chat ~ Kentpic # 2
"Witching" or "Veining" is
performed by a cemetery
supervisor (Jim Turner).
this is to locate previous graves.
Dec 24, 2018
Chat ~ KentJim Turner one of the cemetery
supervisors is using a technique
we call "Witching", to find a grave.
Two wires are held side by side and
when they cross on their own, it indicates
that there is a grave or disturbance in the ground.
Dec. 2018
Dec 24, 2018
The Old Mausoleum in Chatham, Ont.
Included in the Cemetery Stroll Oct 2018
Lights and candles brighten up this dark,
cold indoor burial ground.
Photo: B:W:
Oct 24, 2018
The Old Mausoleum, Chatham, Ont.
The beautiful stained glass window with
the lights and candles showing the decorative
and special window. The torch shown upside down
represents "Life Extinguished" or in everyday language
it means "Death". The window was and is not
mistakenly installed incorrectly.
Photo: B:W:
Oct 24, 2018