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Spring 2011.
A pair of ducks enjoy the results
of the wet weather and
some tile drains plugged with roots.

Photo: J:S
Old Mausoleum
Old Mausoleum lit by Candle Light
During the fall Cemetery Spirits Walks Program

Photo: J:S:
Chat ~ KentJim Turner one of the cemetery
supervisors is using a technique
we call "Witching", to find a grave.
Two wires are held side by side and
when they cross on their own, it indicates
that there is a grave or disturbance in the ground.
Dec. 2018
Chat ~ Kentpic # 2
"Witching" or "Veining" is
performed by a cemetery
supervisor (Jim Turner).
this is to locate previous graves.
**this beautiful angel has
stood for years looking out
over the grounds of the
Old Maple Leaf Cemetery
in Ward A
**at one point the monument had
started to tip, but in 2010, measures
were taken to straighten it , allowing
it to remain standing in all it's Glory.
**known as the Goodyear angel
Photo: T:N:
*with the sun shining out over
the stones and the Old Mortuary
in the background...the colours
of a Jan. 2012 day burst forth

Photo: T:N:
*sun shining and almost
no snow on the ground in
this scenic Jan. 4th, 2012 photo.

Photo: Trish
Old St. Anthony Cemetery Bridge
**the bridge pillars were
repainted in the summer of 2011.
**this fresh coat of paint,
has made the Bridge stand
out against this wintery background

Photo: T:N:
*this photo taken along
the creek bank, shows how
strong the sun was this day..
reflecting off the bark of the tree.

Photo: T:N:
**the bright sun and a zoom,
shows the Old Mortuary fronted
by a stand of gravestones, sitting
along the Creek Road near the
original entrance to this part of
the cemetery
**the bright setting sun's reflection,
showcased the wonderful colours in
the cemetery on this Jan. 4th, 2012 afternoon.
Photo: T:N:
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