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William Carr
Who Died Aug 15 1875
Age 66 years
? of the Parish of ? Tipperary Ireland
William Carr Monument
Photo by SkakelOriginal burial spot was either on the small hill exactly in center of photograph, or on the small hill to the left right along the ditch and first small hill from the road. Photograph taken from the road. Not proven but VERY likely that he still lies in this field. (See History of this cemetery.)
Photo by SkakelLes standing on one possible burial spot. Other one is on the small hill on edge of ditch right at left side of photograph.
Photo by SkakelPhoto showing possible grave locations in relation to road.
Photo by SkakelPhoto showing position of possible burial spots in relation to the road and building and ditch along it.
Photo by SkakelPhoto showing exact position of monument in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery where it lies in the cemetery today. See Carr Cemetery History in our "Other Cemeteries History" to see the reason why he was not interred here in the first place.
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