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Hammel CemeteryPhoto showing Hannah Hammel monument
in the distance when it was still standing.

Photos : L:Mancell & J:Skakel
Hammel CemeteryHammel monument being made ready to photograph.
It is being pulled gradually from it's entrapment
under the very heavy vines.
Hammel CemeteryIn memory of Hannah
Wife of Robert Hammel
Who died July 1 1848
Age 19 years
? Unreadable ?
Hammel CemeteryHannah Hammel Monument
Hammel CemeteryHannah Hammel
Hammel CemeteryTwo monument pieces
Hammel CemeteryNote the yellow flags at the red jacket and
black camera case. These mark 2 borders of
the cemetery. Les stands almost exact middle of it.
Cemetery goes back almost exactly to the edge
formed by the corn field. Tree that is standing
there is almost at the middle of the cemetery.
Today it is the first large deciduous tree right in that area.
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