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The Preservation of Cemeteries in Chatham-Kent

To see the story of the preservation of
The Eberts Crypt please Click the Photograph

Photo by Skakel

The Cemeteries before Restoration/Preservation

Maple Leaf and St Anthony's Just a few photos to give you an idea of the true condition of some of our cemeteries.


Some of the experts in this field consider it as incorrect to use the words restore and restoration to describe this process. This is because we are not restoring stones to their original condition, but are instead preserving what is left of them for others coming to enjoy. I personally have rather big problems with that, and thus often do not use that term here. If I tell someone that I volunteer in the local cemetery to preserve it absolutely NO ONE is going to know what I am talking about. Everyone is going to look at me astonished and ask me to explain. But! If I tell those same people that I am working in the cemetery doing volunteer work to restore it, most everyone will know what I mean. Thus, I do NOT agree with the use of the word preservation but I do use it somewhat to keep "The experts" happy! In addition we truly are doing work that brings the grounds as a whole closer to what they looked like originally and not just the stones.

Cemetery Restoration/Preservation.

Preserving Your Cemetery If you are interested in restoring a cemetery no matter how large or how small, if you would like to learn from our experiences please feel free to have a look.

News Coverage.

Some of the news coverage of our project and the cemeteries of Chatham-Kent in General.

Our Volunteer's Personal Area

The place where our Volunteers Hang Out

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