This site was founded by the late John Skakel. Contact us HERE
Cemeteries Office Staff have asked that users NOT contact them with questions directly.

How to Contact Us

Please contact me as follows:

Trish Nigh

You can contact Trish by Phone 519 - 351 - 9730. Just remember that Trish no longer returns long distance calls back to you as it is proving to be costly as of August 2016

It's best to email Trish, as you can send her information with full names, any dates, name of cemetery, etc., included in the letter. This is the email we prefer to use: pmnC4th at gmail dot com The 2nd Email pmn39 at bell dot net is not used much anymore (Words at and dot replace @ and . to avoid spam.) Email Trish and you will receive a response in good time. Email is the best way to correspond. If you don't get a response from email, then please feel free to call.

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