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What's New on our Little Web Site.

As I type this our brand new little web site is about 5 days old. Putting a description of what is new is just a bit ridiculous.

I would though like to welcome everyone to this new site. Our Cemeteries in Chatham Kent have, like so many, been forgotten for so long. They are in terrible disrepair, and in need of upkeep. We are trying to help just a bit but there is so much to do. Sometimes it is so very discouraging! We have I am sure probably worked on a thousand stones already. And we have barely started!

This site was primarily put together to store pictures for the restoration project, but when Trish & I thought of it's structure we suddenly realized that it has so many more capabilities. Information for those locating information of ancestors. Information about the restoration project. Information for others that we have found in regards to the restoration.

Welcome all to ""
'John Skakel & Trish Nigh'

To see what we have accomplished with the Preservation/Restoration Project, or what is coming on the web site see below

Interesting aspects of our Cemeteries.

The Goodyear Angel in a tipped position
Photo by Bruce Warwick

In the future here we hope to present information on some of our most interesting aspects of some of our cemeteries. Please stay tuned for details

The Little Angels, and Heroes of Chatham-Kent. Cemetery Angels are becoming very rare. See some of our nicest little angels. Or see photos of some of our more unusual or most beautiful memorials. Coming Soon.

Unusual Cemetery Terms

The Olde Stone Makers Mentioned on Stones

Progress Made on the Preservation Project and the Web Site

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