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Our Volunteers Personal Area

Areas to Avoid

Areas to Avoid Volunteers, please watch this area closely for information on areas that you should avoid in the cemetery. Please contact John for Password

Tools you may wish to use

How to post a Photo in our Gallery

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A suggestion from a Volunteer.

Hey John !
Just thought of something that might be of interest to you. I use flat, plastic, painter's guides that keeps the knife or shovel away from the stones. They are affordable and are a good safety tool to hopefully avoid accidents when folks are cutting the sod away. The spades are very easy to slice through the sod, but might slip and go too far and slide across the face of the stones. (this I would be afraid might happen with some of the women that aren't used to using a spade). I will bring mine to show you. I not only use them in the cemetery, but also when I'm painting.
Trish Nigh
She has mentioned before that it can often be easier for folks to use a knife to cut sods away rather than a shovel. Especially those people who are not used to using them.

If you have any suggestions please let us know...''

Information on where work is continuing, and what needs to be done

We are at present working in Old St Anthony's this year plus quick uncovering only of stones in "A"

Work Schedule...

It has been obvious that it does not work to try to get many volunteers on site on any certain day. Thus, it is we believe better, to try to allow volunteers to work on their own time in the cemetery, but to make certain that we are all working to a common cause. That is the reason for this web site. We hope that volunteers will keep watch on this web site and try to thus work together to try to finish individual areas before working on others. If you would like a list of volunteers to find others to work with please let us know. We do not want to post a list here due to email spam but will forward one if needed.

Present work is mostly in Wards G and Old St A's. Uncovering is proceeding in Ward A of M/L.

To get to Ward A. Enter the cemetery along the road by the railroad. Turn at the first road past the old mausoleum. Ward A is now on your right. It goes from the road parallel to the railroad back to where the road way curves and comes back again.

To get to Old St Anthony's, turn left at the Old Mausoleum. When you get to the red brick building, turn left and go over the bridge. Ward G is on your left immediately on the other side of the bridge. Old St A's is further over to the North.

General Instructions Updates

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Updates on work in individual areas

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Personal conversations

Note! This area is simply a place to record many personal notes, etc. It is unlikely that they will be of interest to many others.

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