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Other Cemeteries in Chatham Kent

See a map of location of the known cemeteries in Chatham-Kent plus a chart with further information. For close up viewing, please see instructions and legend on the map page

Historical and Other Information

Historical Information On The Cemeteries Themselves Rather than the Monuments

For information on First Nations Cemeteries other than those of our Deleware Friends please see our First Nations Area

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Lost or Unmarked Cemeteries
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We would love to have more information on the cemeteries of Chatham Kent. If you can provide us with further information on any cemetery, please contact ... Trish.

Please note that there are endless single graves and small cemeteries scattered everywhere throughout the County as there are in all other counties. Those buried from a passing canoe going down the river or a train down the tracks, or a stage coach down the road. They are everywhere. They can never all be found now. Most all of those are lost forever, never to be found again!

General Historical Cemeteries Information

Very Early Burials See how burials have changed since the first few settlers came to our area

Finding a very old and lost cemetery. Finding Taff Cemetery.

Singles and Other History. Things that should be considered around the old trails, the River Thames, and the Great Lakes.

Camden Township (Including the Old Gore of Camden.)

Butler Cemetery History Such a nicely kept yet perplexing cemetery to visit due to all of the damage. Mostly well kept yet monuments being lost down cliff.

Cornwall Cemetery History We know so terribly little on this very historic one, but this lets you know what we have found. Now lost. NO known monuments or text

Desmond - Farslow - Traxler Almost nothing known here. Now mostly lost but some monuments survive in a row.

Dresden Cemeteries History See the history of all of the known former and present Cemeteries of the town of Dresden.

The Gibson Cemetery Location LIKELY known though unmarked today. Cemetery destroyed. Monuments thrown over on river bank.

Unknown Cemetery - Possibly the Howard's Bridge Cemetery Decoding a Mystery. (This cemetery was found in fall of 2012. It is maybe 1.5 km or so NE of Kent Bridge where river swings next to road. ) Location was lost but found again, but please realize this was found by dowsing. No known monuments. No markers of it's probable location.

The Johnston Cemetery Much of Cemetery may have been destroyed by road. Monuments placed in a row. Some broken or unreadable. Small lawn well kept

Kent Bridge Four Corners Area We Caution that this was only found by dousing so these may or may not be graves! PRIVATE PROPETY. Unmarked and lost.

Mayhew Mount Pleasant, Mayhew, and Mount Pleasant, O'Neil History Very modern cemetery well kept up. A few tipped monuments in old areas.

Mitton Farm Family Cemetery Small bit of information on a burial of two children of Uriah Lamport on the McDonnell Farm (Lloyd Mitton's place) near Thamesville. Location known by a half dozen people. Otherwise lost. NO upkeep but site is kept and not destroyed. No monuments

Phillips History History of Phillips Cemetery, and Thorncliffe Church. Monuments in rows. Small lawn cut. Some area may be destroyed.

Shawbanks (Shaw) Cemetery History Along the banks of the Thames. Cemetery now very well kept again after period of neglect long ago. Some tipped and broken monuments.

Sherman Cemetery It's fascinating history with United Empire Loyalist roots. Cemetery kept well mowed but many monuments in need of repair.

The Stonehouse Cemetery The actual name of this cemetery is unknown. Today lies entirely under a road.

Stouffel Family Graves Longwood's Road.

St Paul's Thamesville - Old RC The Catholic Cemetery behind Sherman Cemetery. Well kept. Some monuments may be covered deeply when ground level was raised. Many monuments.

St Paul's Thamesville - New RC Well kept. Grounds well mowed. Many old records lost in fire. NH

Union Blackburn Cemetery History

Wallace Cemetery The Wallace Cemetery located behind Thamesville Water Purification Plant. Private Property - Only two monuments now showing. We are told more were showing in the past. Now probably sunken into sod

Chatham City. Other Information

OLDThe Old Baker Cemetery The lost (And maybe found again) Baker Cemetery. Unmarked, possibly located at the front of the Waterworks Chatham area. No monuments.

OLDChatham Cemetery The Old Chatham Cemetery. Correct name yet unknown. One of a number used before Old St Anthony's and Maple Leaf were opened. Grounds moderately maintained as a park land. No indication of it's former use. Essentially lost.

OLDSt. Joseph's Cemetery The Old St Joseph's Cemetery. Much of it was moved but how much? No monuments. One marker marks location of former church. Site in VERY poor condition.

OLDSt Paul's Cemetery The long forgotten Old St Paul's Cemetery in the City of Chatham. Essentially lost. No monuments. No indication of it's being a cemetery.

OLDU P Church Burial Ground Wellington - probable location No Mark. No monuments. Site is now lost to everyone we believe. NH

Jewish Burials and Synagogue History in Chatham Kent

King Street Methodist Church. King Street Wesleyan Methodist Chuirch/Early Park Street. Site lost. No monuments. No cemetery markers.

Maple Leaf - Old and New - See Main Index Page for links to separate areas for Maple Leaf and Old St Anthony's.

Presbyterian Burial Ground. - 42.40355° 82.1786° - approx. location Site approximate. No monuments or cemetery location markers. NH

St Anthony's - Old and New RC - See Main Index Page for links to separate areas for Maple Leaf and Old St Anthony's.

Tecumseh Park Two known graves of soldiers. Strange pattern found does NOT represent burials. No monuments. Possibly other old graves here.

Chatham Township (including the Old Gore of Chatham)

Arnold Cemetery Cemetery is now lost. Two known monuments to two children destroyed by accident.

The Baldoon Cemeteries. Old Baldoon, Brown, and McDonald - Snye Very early cemeteries of the folks who settled Baldoon. Totally destroyed and locations known but private.

Green Cemetery Lot 18 Con. 5 Chatham Twp. aka Green Burying Ground aka Green Family Plot - Unable to find a 911# sign that could definitely relate to that cemetery as it is IN a field, not near a road. Poorly marked. No upkeep. When foliage is thick you may not be able to see monuments. NH

Hartley Cemetery Near Kent Bridge on River Bank far from the road. Two monuments still exist against tree. Cemetery destroyed.

MacVicar Cemetery History Well kept cemetery.

McKay Cemetery History Located on private household grounds.

Otter Creek Cemetery. RC (Incorrectly documented in some areas as Deshane and Nolan.) Cemetery location is known though unmarked, but no monuments exist for it (them) except for one in Wallaceburg Museum.

Overstreet - Hanson Cemetery Location lost. No Markers. Site destroyed with permission.

Oldfield Cemetery Located off #40 Hwy from Chatham towards Wallaceburg. Restorative work on July 12, 2016, by Tom Klaasen (Memorial Restorations) of Sarnia, Ont.

Salem Cemetery Information on Old Salem Cemetery along River near Wallaceburg. Cemetery destroyed years ago. Some monuments seen again. Lawn mowed. Nicely kept.

Smith Hopper History 42.5193833° 82.10825° - Lot 22 Con. 4 - about 11289 Craft's Line Only location available at this point. No history yet. NH

Traxler Merritt Cemetery The probable location. Cemetery destroyed. All monuments thought destroyed. Only one small record available.

Tupperville - A Possible Single Grave in Tupperville Location now lost.

OLD Wallaceburg (McDougall) Cemetery The first Cemetery for Wallaceburg and area Location Known. No grave markers. (Their location now unknown.) Nicely kept.

Wallaceburg's Riverview Cemetery - Plot Map and Historical Information Wallaceburg Historical Information and an up to date plot map on Wallaceburg's Riverview Cemetery to allow anyone to find graves instantly in documented areas. Reasonably well kept. But many broken and tipped monuments.

Dover Township

Bishop Cemetery The Bishop Family Cemetery. PRIVATE PROPERTY. Very nicely kept

Brown Drain (Black) Cemetery The former Black Cemetery located along Brown Drain. PRIVATE PROPERTY. Cemetery in ruins and now lost.

The Crawford Cemetery The Crawford Family Cemetery. PRIVATE PROPERTY. Well kept up cemetery.

Jack's Hill Cemetery - An original Deed. PRIVATE PROPERTY. Far from road. Some monuments broken and tipped.

McKenzie Cemetery - Probably mostly a McKenzie Family Cemetery. Private Property. Cemetery now destroyed.

St. Phillipe’s History RC Grande Point.

The Owen Cemetery

St Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery On Church Grounds. VERY well kept. Possibly very few monuments now lost under ground.

Harwich Township

Bethel Cemetery located in the beautiful Bethel Church area.Cemetery well kept.

Blenheim's Evergreen Cemetery The main burial location for the town of Blenheim. Cemetery Well kept.

Blenheim (OLD Blenheim Cemeteries) Located underneath present day Tim Horton's, One Street, and Parking Lot of Shopper's Drug Mart. No markings. No monuments. Sites effectively lost.

The Burk Cemetery Burk and Burke family members only. Cemetery well kept

Fields Cemetery's History Well kept. Monuments into row. Part of it unmarked.

Front Ridge Cemetery No markers or monuments or even history known at this point. No Upkeep. Unmarked location in farmer's field.

Holmes burial ground(s). Found for only a short time in the early 1980's. Found again in June 2013. Spring of 2016, more stones were uncovered and photos in the photo gallery of this site. Stones found in the planted field a few feet down. River bank is washing away and taking trees with it due to erosion. Cemetery mostly lost.

The Newcombe (English or Muckle) Cemetery (Incorrect Names, "Muckle and English." Most lawn mowed. Restoration work done. Some buried monuments.

The tiny adjoining Richardson and Reynolds Cemeteries Little to mark it. Some burials moved. Only one visible monument in Reynolds Section.

Taff Mounuments Cemetery lost. Only known monument was moved to a ditch bank and it is being located to safer position.

Tobin Cemetery IF this exists, it is totally destroyed and location unknown. However, it former existence is slightly questionable.

Traxler Cemetery of Harwich Back from road on private property. Very poor condition. Pioneer Cemetery

The Tyler Monument? Both Monument and burial location lost here.

Van Horne Cemetery '''Cemetery sits back off road on the right on a knoll on River Line, quite a few graves, gate with sign marks cemetery entrance. Might be better to park at road and walk through soybean field, short pathway. Restorative work done July 12, 2016 by Tom Klaasen (Memorial Restorations) of Sarnia. Many stones in good condition, not well known area unless looking for it.

Wolf(e) Creek Cemetery Possible Location but little other history. Possible location under parking lot.

The Lost Cemeteries at 401 and Communication Road Overpass Caution - Found again in March 2013 BY DOWSING!. POSSIBLE Unmarked Burial Areas. NO upkeep.'''

Howard Township

Botany Cemetery History Well kept cemetery easily located

Everitt (Julian) History The Everitt Cemetery on the edge of the Thames. Well kept cemetery. Now partly destroyed by road and river.

Greenwood Cemetery Ridgetown Cemetery well kept but some monuments tipping badly, etc.

Hammel Cemetery We only know the general area of where this cemetery was located. Private Property. Lost. One possible monument plus pieces?

Hubbell - Minshall Cemetery History The name of this cemetery may or may not be correct. Lost, unmarked. Found again. No monuments.

Lenover Monument Now located on private property but it is very well kept and cared for by the family who own the property. Well kept, marked by one monument. size unknown.

Morpeth's Smith Cemetery The Smith Cemetery, a Community Cemetery in the Town of Morpeth. Well kept.

Morpeth's Trinity Cemetery The Cemetery and the Anglican Trinity Church. Well kept

Ogletree Cemetery. Unfortunately all history of this cemetery has been lost although we do provide some history of Selton, The Ridgetown to Thamesville Stage Coach, and the old school and church on the same ground and thus community history. Well kept. Some monuments tipping or over. Some monuments moved to cement. Some possibly buried.

Richardson - McKinlay - Butler Burial Grounds History History of a burial ground that no longer exists. Lost under building. Most remains moved.

Ridgetown Cemetery (OLD) Information locating former exact position of Old Ridgetown Cemetery. Location unmarked. Most remains moved. Likely not all

Scane (Skene) Cemetery. The Old Scane Family Cemetery beside the town of Ridgetown. Well kept. All monuments moved into row

St Michael's Cemetery Ridgetown RC Well kept.

Williams Family Cemetery PRIVATE PROPERTY. Reasonable upkeep for being in bush. Some monuments tipped.

Orford Township

Duart Cemetery. Well kept. Some monuments placed in cement in rows.

Highgate's Gosnell Cemetery. This is the only private cemetery where no calls were returned to give us history of the cemetery. Well kept

Hills Cemetery. A Tiny family cemetery with only two burials of the Hills children on record. PRIVATE PROPERTY. Location known on private lawn. NH

Mills and Morehouse Cemeeries. Two private cemeteries now in very bad shape. One almost destroyed totally. PRIVATE PRPOERTY. Location Known. Poor upkeep

Palmyra Cemetery. Well kept

Orford Township - Moravian Cemeteries

New Fairfield Old Cemetery Site unmarked but known. Two areaas. Monuments removed to another area by unqualified restorer. Likely few buried monuments. Lawns Well kept.

Raleigh Township

Charing Cross Cemetery Lawns well kept. Monuments moved into row.

Craford Cemetery Lawns well kept. However many old areas and monuments apparently lost

Crow Cemetery The tiny little cemetery on the edge of the Thames River that seems not so small after all. lawns well kept. Some borders may not be accurate.

Dolsen Cemetery The new and old Dolsen Cemeteries. Lawns well kept. Markers moved. Demolished markers repaired.

Dolsen / Willcox / Wilcox Cemetery Unmarked under a well kept lawn on Union Gas Property.

Re Doyle Cemetery Lawns well mowed and a very well kept cemetery now.

The First Regular Close Communication Baptist Church (Next to / Now part of the St Andrew's Presbyterian (Now United) Church Cemetery). Lawn is well maintained, tombstones have been moved to a straight row.

The First Union Methodist Church Cemetery. Not marked. Many monuments tipped. Some possibly buried. Not well kept.

Freeman Cemetery We are told that this is an incorrect name for the First Union Methodist Church Cemetery above. Not marked. In Ruins.

The Macedonian Church of Elgin Now abandoned and lost.

Re Merlin Cemetery Lawns well mowed and a very well kept cemetery now.

The North Buxton Memorial Cemetery (First Baptist Church) Well kept.

North Buxton Community Church Cemetery Formerly BME Church of North Buxton. Active cemetery, well maintained.

Ouvry Cemetery Well Kept

Pardoville / Union Cemetery Well kept

St Andrew's Presbyterian (Now United Church) Cemetery The First Regular Close Communication Baptist Cemetery was next to this and is now a part of it. Lawn is well maintained, tombstones have been moved to a straight row.

The Second Baptist Church Cemetery Well kept. Some monuments broken. Some monuments removed formerly.

Shadd Farm Cemetery Abandoned and Lost

Sheply Family Graves Abandoned and Lost

St Patrick's Cemetery History RC Very well kept cemetery with lawns well mowed, etc.

Romney Township

Julien Location no longer known but probably just into Essex County.

Tilbury East Township

The Carr Burial Burial spot no longer marked. Plot destroyed by intentional? careless? use of land cultivator

Malott Cemetery Information Now mostly "Farmed". Central area well kept with few remaining monuments in cement. Mostly destroyed by vandals.

McDowell CemeteryCaution - Actually in Tilbury West in ESSEX County Very well kept cemetery with lawns well mowed and monuments well kept, etc.

St Charles Cemetery RC Well kept.

St Francis Cemetery Essex County location.

St George's Anglican Cemetery Essex County location.

St Peters Roman Catholic Cemetery History RC (Information Storage Only at the moment). Well Kept

Zone Township

Battle of the Thames There may be three MAIN burial areas on the Battle of the Thames Battle Site still detectable. Two are quite close together, and are very close to the monument. One of those two seems to contain ABOUT 8 shafts, and one seems to contain contain ABOUT 18. These MAY be burial sites for American, and for British and Canadian. There is also indication of one possible further cemetery with about 72 shafts. 16 of them are Children. Since there are no empty spaces, an educated guess here points to these being moved from somewhere else. There seems to have also been some other burials on the site. We caution that some of these could well be native so this should be treated as a "Native burial ground" until/unless proven otherwise. There are quite likely MANY burials on this site, and we should remember that when visiting it! Sites lost and unmarked. Caution - found by dowsing only. Well kept

Battle of the Thames Memorial Stone A simple piece of a monument yet it's history means so much that it deserves a separate place here. Almost ALL History Lost here.

History of Bothwell Cemetery Well kept. Some monuments needing repair. Some probably covered.

St Ignatius Cemetery Bothwell History RC Well kept.

Zone Township Moravian Cemeteries

Hutberg Cemetery (Old Fairfield) God's Acre. PRIVATE PROPERTY Location known. Bush area. No monuments

Moravian Outpost Chippewa Cemetery NOT YET VIEWED by us. No idea of it's condition

Lost or Unmarked Cemeteries
Location known and marked
General Historical Information Only
Dark Text - Cemetery Condition


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