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The Volunteers of the Chatham-Kent Cemeteries Preservation Project

Names of "OUR ORIGINAL RESTORATION VOLUNTEER GROUP" who dedicated their time and great minds to help in many ways

Honorary Members of our Project who are "Still Active 2018"

Tom Klassen

The Restoration/Preservation Team - The folks who are the back bone of our project!

Dave Snobelen... Special Thanks to Dave for his assistance with the use of Ground Penetrating Radar for location of St

Judi Bouchard
Ken Brown
Vernie Clements
Lloyd Cottel
John Cofell
Les Mancell
Tom Millard
Trish Nigh
Peggy O'Rourke
Christine Peck
Ruth Simpson
John Skakel
Robert Harland Smith
Paul Thorpe
Bruce Warwick
Dennis Zink

Web Site Administration and Design

John Skakel

Web Site Photography

Doug Gammon
Dawn Heuston
Lisa Ladouceur
Trish Nigh
Peggy O'Rourke
Les Mancell
John Skakel
Henry VanHaren

Web Site Typing and Data Organization and Entry

Cindy Burton
Nancy Guyitt Cameron
Donna Gammon
Doug Gammon
John Henderson
Dawn Heuston
Barb Holden
Gloria Jackson
Lisa Ladouceur
Trish Nigh
Christine Peck
Sandra Pidduck
John Skakel
Henry VanHaren

Research - Restoration/Preservation and Web Site Research

Les Mancell
Trish Nigh

With Special Thanks To Cemetery Staff

Tom Beaton
Greg Kett
James Turner
Jill Dickinson

'''2015 TO 2018 CEMETERY RESTORATION VOLUNTEER GROUP (still active members)

James (Jim)Turner ~ cemetery records & lookups
Bruce Warwick ~ grave stone restoration, stone repairs and website finances
Tom Millard ~ grave stone preservation
Les Mancell ~ grave stone preservation, cemetery & historical research
Paul Thorpe ~ grave stone preservation
Peggy O'Rourke ~ grave stone preservation, research, photography & website monitor
Trish Nigh ~ grave stone preservation, research, photography & website management
Robert H. Smith ~ grave stone preservation & photography
Vernie Clements ~ grave stone preservation
Lloyd Cottel ~ grave stone preservation
Christine Peck ~ grave stone preservation & website input
Doug Gammon ~ photography & indexing
Donna Gammon ~ photography & indexing
Henry VanHaren ~ photography & indexing

Photography for the Website (still active members 2015 ~ 2018)

Doug Gammon, Donna Gammon, Peggy O'Rourke, Henry Van Haren, Dawn Heuston, Trish Nigh

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