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Memorial Field

City of Chatham, Ontario

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Students of Chatham Christian Schools participate
by removing the flags covering new memorial stones. 2011
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Photo by Patty Arsenault

Students uncover a new memorial. 2011

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From City Council meeting minutes of 15 June, 1928: (Mylie James Smith was Mayor at the time Memorial Field was established)
“Mayor Smith named Ald. Morley and Saddington as a committee to meet the officials of the Chatham Branch of the Canadian Legion and discuss the proposal to set aside a portion of the new cemetery addition for war veterans.”
The Legion Memorial Field was established in 1928 by the City of Chatham as a final resting place for veterans of the First World War. The land was given to the Legion and they have been managing it ever since. Union Gas built a Cairn for the original dedication. In 1951, Branches 28 and 431 (628) replaced it with a Cairn of grey Canadian Granite.
All current and former service men and women of the Canadian Forces and Allied Forces are eligible for internment in this Field. The cremated remains of spouses may be interned with the service person.

Photo by T Nigh

On 21 Oct 2009, at a ceremony presided over by The Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 49 new grave markers were unveiled by the students of John McGregor High School. Branches 28 and 628 of the Legion, the 28 Legion Pipe Band and Colour Guard, as well as the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment participated in the proceedings. On 29 May 2011, another 10 were dedicated. The Last Post Fund has provided approximately $90,000 to this project..

Please Note These names have no marker and will remain unmarked until their service particulars can be verified. These people deserve a proper marker! We hope that someone might have information about them that would assist in properly identifying them.

Name Rank Born Died Service Unit
Allison, Clifford?193220 Apr 1989CDN Army for 18 years
Atkins, Joseph?1867? 1887?7 Dec 1945WWI in France
Cook, Mary?192224 Oct 1981British Air Force
Debusschere, Gilbert?192919 Feb 1981?
Jankovic, Velimire?191111 Sep 1984?
Parsons, Arthur?26 Feb 189630 Dec 1970British Army
Pinsonneault, Malcolm Louis?191013 Apr 1977CDN Army WWII
Scott, Charles?188127 Jun 1952?
Vanhantsaeme, Leo Herbert?19068 Feb 19?
Walsh, Thomas?189016 Mar 1949?

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