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Please Note...

Except for Maple Leaf, St Anthony's, and Wallaceburg a cemetery is documented completly if you see it on site. The only time this is not the case is if it is marked Under Construction.

If you see that it means that the cemetery documentation is still being added to the site. i.e. this one is not yet finished but will be soon.

As we do not normally get updates in regards to when burials and/or monuments are added we have no way to keep any cemetery 100% up to date, but we try.

However, we will add photographs of more recent monuments if you send them to us or if you let us know the information and we can go there and take photographs ourselves etc.

PLEASE do not send us photographs with dates on them or out of focus photographs as they mean nothing to anyone else and that spoils them if anyone wishes to use them in a scrap book, etc.


Our Gallery