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A History of Old Maple Leaf

and Old St Anthony's Cemeteries

City of Chatham, Ontario

The Old St Anthony's Mortuary
Photo by T Nigh

Please Note... Please remember that some sections in this area are copies of old records. Spelling and other mistakes are typed as original.

Historical Bits and Pieces.

See Useful bits of Useless or Forgotten Historical Information

The Olde Potter's Field - Also known as "The Stranger's Burial Ground"

See Information about the old Potter's Field. A place of sadness and lost dreams.

The Buildings and Roads of these large Cemeteries - Their History.

See Information on the Buildings of Old St Anthony's and Old Maple Leaf along with the old Entrance Gates, the Roads, and the Beautiful Old Bridges located there.

Below ground Crypts of the Cemeteries.

See How below ground crypts used to be designed.

Memorial Field - Lest We Forget

In Remembrance Documentation of this area is now complete

A Little Tour, and a Time Line

Print out a tour of Maple Leaf and St Anthony's Cemeteries

ClickFor a Time Line for Maple Leaf and St Anthony's Cemeteries

Early Cemetery Documentation

See the first Bylaw for Maple Leaf, many Council records, and News Paper Write-ups. We hope this material documenting much of the cemeteries' history will be of interest.

Temporarily stored info

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